Birding in Arkansas

Board of Directors

2013-14 Board of Directors

Marcel Hanzlik, President

JoAnne Bush, VP, Southern Region

Gretchen Sacotnik, VP, Northern Region

Kim Williams, VP, Central Region

Ruth Hawkins, Executive Director

Marla Crider, Advisor

Paula Miles, Ex. Secretary/Treasurer

Arkansas County:

Christy Murphy, Gillett

Renee Robison, Stuttgart


Chicot County:

JoAnne Bush, Lake Village

Ocie Hunter, Lake Village

Jimmy Parkerson, Dermott

Clay County:

Ellen Dalton, Piggott

Barbara Harmon, Piggott

Adam Long, Piggott

Craighead County:

Marti Allen, Jonesboro

Richard Hartness, Jonesboro

Henry Jones, Jonesboro

Crittenden County:

Deborah Abernathy, West Memphis

Jim Jackson, Memphis

Diane McAdoo, Marion

Cross County:

Marcel Hanzlik, Wynne

Ben Swadley, Wynne


Desha County:

Jann Farmer, Dumas

Paula Mote, McGehee

Sammye Owen, Dumas

Drew County:

Sheilla Lampkin, Monticello

Robin McClendon, Monticello

Glenda Nichols, Monticello

Greene County:

Gina Jarrett, Paragould

Shelia Ragsdell, Paragould

Gretchen Sacotnik, Paragould

Lee County:

Pat Audirsch, Marianna

Kristina Root-Carranza, Marianna

Kim Williams, Marianna

Mississippi County:

Megan Atzert, Blytheville

Susan Fetsch, Osceola

Ammi Tucker, Osceola

Monroe County:

Jim Stinson, Clarendon

Sandra Keemer, Brinkley

Billy Hankins, Brinkley

Phillips County:

Samuel Adams, West Helena

Julia Malinowski, Helena

Paula Oliver, Helena

Poinsett County:

Linda Hinton, Tyronza

Mary Anne Parker, Harrisburg

Soozi Williams, Marked Tree

St. Francis County:

Niki Jones, Forrest City

Justin Reeves, Forrest City

Jenny Vandiver, Forrest Cityt

Respect wildlife, its environment, and the rights of others.
Support the protection of important bird habitat.
Avoid stressing birds or exposing them to danger.
Limit methods of attracting birds.
Remain well back from nests, roosts, display areas, and feeding
Keep habitat disturbance to a minimum.
Maintain and clean feeders and nest structures regularly.
Keep birds safe from predatory ca
ts and other domestic animals.
Respect fellow birders. Share your knowledge, especially
with beginners.
Document unethical birding behavior, intervene if
prudent, and notify appropriate individuals or
Leaders must teach ethics through word and example.
Limit group impact on birds,
their environment, and on
other birders using the same area.
1. Promote the welfare of bi
rds and their environment.
4. Respect the law and the rights of others.
2. Ensure that feeders, nest
structures, and other artificial
bird environments are safe.
3. Group birding, whether organized or impromptu, requires
special care

Beck – Heart Is A Drum

The Music Brewery

After a six year hiatus American folk-rocker Beck is back with another collection of superb tracks. The latest single ‘Heart Is A Drum’ from his comeback album ‘Morning Phase’ was released only yesterday and showcases a totally new side to Beck’s musical style no one has ever heard before.

Being a fan of Beck’s earlier albums  like  ‘Odelay’, ‘Sea Change’ and ‘Guero’ I am used to a more busy, eccentric and livelier type of song from the L.A. born rockstar. If ‘Heart Is A Drum’ is anything to go by his new album is going to more be chilled, melancholic, and highly atmospheric. Harking back to late ’60s and early ’70s folk from artists like Nick Drake and Neil Young ‘Heart Is  A Sun’ is a bold move for a man who hasn’t released anything since the 2008 album ‘Modern Guilt’. In fact the last thing he released was a…

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Uber and Lyft’s public spat continues


Uber and Lyft are at each other’s throats. After the CNN report yesterday that Uber employees had ordered and canceled more than 5,000 Lyft rides, Uber released a statement to The New York Times saying Lyft employees had done the same to Uber drivers 12,900 times. It didn’t explain how it reached that number. Uber did, however, claim that Lyft’s investors are upset that Uber won’t acquire it. One of those investors, Andreessen Horowitz’s Scott Weiss, refuted and told The New York Times, “There’s never been a conversation to say, ‘Let’s go pressure Uber to buy Lyft,’ to my knowledge.”

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