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Successful women of paris

Dawn Z Bournand

Dawn Z Bournand – Business and Life Coach


Dawn is a Business and Life Coach specializing in working with international entrepreneurs.

“I am living my dream and loving it! How about you? We each have unique gifts to share with the world, are you sharing yours? Are you doing what lights you up while creating a lifestyle that you love? If not, why not? Let me help you to make that happen!

As Henry Ford so wisely said, “Whether you think you can or think you can’t, you are right!” We are capable of so much more than we realize and it is this thought that can thrill you into action! The stage is set, are you ready to take the starring role?

A little about me: After a multi award winning career in sales management working for Revlon and Fujitsu in the United States, I took my talents overseas to Paris, France. In need of a big life change, I actually moved to Paris to study photography for a year. Love came along and convinced me to stay a bit longer. I am now the mother of three amazing sons, the lights of my life, wife to a Frenchman, and have become an expat entrepreneur.

Since moving to Europe I have worked with the world’s top Executive MBA programs as Editor of the QS TopExecutive Guide and have spoken on the subject of Women in Leadership from Paris, to Dubai, to New York and Los Angeles. After working for over a decade with highly successful international women executives, I realized that there was something missing and I wanted to help. I was seeing far too many high flying women who were extremely successful on the outside, but on the inside they were yearning for more and seeking true fulfillment. I decided to create a company that would allow me to provide a support system for entrepreneurs and professionals who are ready to say yes to life and to making a difference in the world, thus Fabulously Successful ( was born.

Five years after establishing Fabulously Successful and working with entrepreneurs across the globe, I realized something strange.  Though I had fabulous clients in many different countries, I had very few in my adopted country – France.  I therefore decided to create the Paris Women of Success group and started one of the most enriching and rewarding journeys of my life.  The group has far exceeded my expectations.  We are growing and are now “The Women of Success Group”- an expanding network for women entrepreneurs and executives who are seeking real community and support with like-minded soul sisters.  I am taking this fulfilling concept to other cities around the world.  Perhaps to a city near you very soon!”  If you would like to learn more about the Women of Success group, you can go here:

If you are ready to live your life on purpose, I would love to talk to you about how you can make that happen. Be Fabulous!

To Learn more about working with Dawn and her coaching company Fabulously Successful, sign up here to get your free passions, to purpose videos and worksheets!  The perfect way to get you started on your path to Fabulously Successful!

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