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Sponsorship Options


You have many opportunities for Sponsorship. With a hackathon, conference, and many weekday events and activities, you can customize your partnership to meet your goals while supporting Jacksonville’s bright future.

Contact 904-479-8766 or info@jaxcoe.org to discuss sponsorship levels.

Jacksonville Innovation Week 2016 will take place from October 14th to the 22nd, 2016. This major Jacksonville event celebrates and supports the growth of local innovative businesses and the sharing of innovative ideas. In 2015, JaxCoE launched the one-day ICC conference that drew over 400 participants. We expect this signature event, now grown to a full week in Fall 2016, to draw over 1,500 attendees from across the region.

JaxCoE is a 501(c)(3) tax-deductible nonprofit committed to regional economic development and recognized for its quality and integrity. We provide educational and networking programming for entrepreneurs and innovators in our community. JaxCoE connects all the stakeholders in our community to support a thriving, high-growth entrepreneurial ecosystem. Join us in creating this value.



  • Omnipresent and prominent Sustaining Partner recognition, with logo placement on all Jacksonville Innovation Week communications
  • Opening address/keynote on main stage at the Conference
  • Prominent feature on the Jacksonville Innovation Week and Conference websites with dedicated links to your site
  • 10’ x 10’ vendor booth in prime location
  • Press Release about the Partnership sent to all local media outlets
  • 10 included Conference Passes
  • Recognition on our social media channels
  • Dedicated blog post
  • Dedicated email blast about your involvement to our lists
  • Distribution of up to five pieces of your collateral (provided by you) to all conference attendees in the gift bags
  • Prominent signage at the conference entrance and all Jacksonville Innovation Week events.
  • First right to refusal for 2017-2018
  • All partnerships are open to tailored offerings for your needs




  • Prominent Signature Partner recognition on the Innovation Connection Conference website with dedicated links to your site
  • 10’ x 10’ vendor booth in prime location
  • 5 included Conference Passes
  • Recognition on our social media channels
  • Distribution of one piece of your collateral (provided by you) to all conference attendees in the gift bags
  • Prominent signage at the conference entrance
  • First right to refusal for Conference 2017
  • All partnerships are open to tailored offerings for your needs




  • Prominent Contributing Partner recognition on the Innovation Connection Conference website with dedicated links to your site
  • 2 included Conference Passes
  • Prominent branding during Jacksonville Innovation Week
  • First right to refusal for 2017-2018 cycle
  • All partnerships are open to tailored offerings for your needs


Sponsor a conference track, conference after party, or an event during Jacksonville Innovation Week.


Help guests commute to Jacksonville Innovation Week events throughout the week. This down time allows you to connect with guests and communicate your value.


Gifts will be distributed in the swag bags that each attendee receives at the beginning of the Conference and during Jacksonville Innovation Week events. This is a low-cost way to reach an audience of hundreds with your message or offer.


Author Solutions Self-Publishing Companies, Book Publishing Services

Author Solutions Self-Publishing Companies, Book Publishing Services.




August 18, 215


Home \ Resources \ Publishing and Distribution \ Layout and Formatting

Layout and Formatting

Formatting refers to the way you enter paragraph and line breaks, indents, spaces, typefaces and punctuation marks. By observing a few basic text-formatting rules, you can help us transform the pages of your manuscript into a final book that looks attractive and professional.

Paragraph Breaks and Indents
To view all of the spaces, hard returns and tabbed areas in your manuscript as symbols, select the Show All character (¶) in your Microsoft Word toolbar. If you can’t find this character in your toolbar, hold down the Ctrl and Shift keys and press the 8/* for the same results.

Paragraphs are separated with one paragraph mark (¶). This is also referred to as a hard return, usually accessed by pressing Enter on your keyboard. Lines within a paragraph must continue (or wrap) at the margin; lines should not be broken with paragraph marks or manual line breaks.

First-Line Indents
The first paragraph in each chapter or part should not be indented. However, the first line of all other paragraphs should be indented with one tab.

To indent a block of text, such as a passage from a referenced source, highlight the section of text you want indented, select “Format” in the toolbar and  choose the “Paragraph” option in most word processors. Indent the paragraph on the left and right each by one-half of an inch (0.5″).

Single-Line Indents
To indent individual lines, such as in a poem or a recipe, use two tabs.

Dashes, Hyphens, and Ellipses
Dashes, ellipses, and other special characters are found under the “Insert” menu of your word-processing program, under “Symbol/Special Characters.” (See the punctuation section of Part III to learn more about when to use these marks.)

Do Not Use Double Dashes (–) to express a pause in a thought or duration of time. Instead, use the longest dash, called an em dash (—) or an ellipsis (…) to separate thoughts or clauses within a sentence. To type an em dash, hold the Ctrl and the Alt key and type a hyphen, or hold down the Alt key while typing 0151. See instructions below for typing an ellipsis.

Use En Dashes (–) (the longer dash) to separate periods of time or numbers. To type an en dash, hold the Ctrl key and type a hyphen, or hold down the Alt key while typing 0150.

Use Hyphens (-) (on your keyboard) to separate two words that are usually linked with a hyphen.

Ellipses Hold Ctrl + Alt + the period key.

By going to the font settings in your word-processing software (under “Format” in the toolbar), or by holding down Ctrl + i, you may apply italic type for the following reasons:

  • Titles of books, magazine articles, movies, plays, television shows, and other titles of major works
  • Words with emphasis (use sparingly)
  • Foreign words and phrases


Formatting to Avoid

Do not use all caps for emphasis, for titles or for contents pages. WORDS TYPED IN ALL CAPS ARE DIFFICULT TO READ. Use italics instead.

Underlined text usually looks old-fashioned. Use italics to express emphasis or to indicate key terms instead, but even then, use sparingly.

Centered Text
Limit the use of centered text. It looks overly formal and can be hard to read.

Manual Hyphenation
Do not manually hyphenate words that break at the end of a line. Both your word-processing software and our book-design software will automatically hyphenate words when necessary.

Quotation Marks
Straight quotation marks (“) are not acceptable substitutions for traditional quotation marks (“). When straight quotes appear, please exchange them with “curly” quotes (called smart quotes). Microsoft Word may be set to display smart quotes by default through the AutoCorrect menu. Please consult the Help menu of your word-processing software for more information. Or correct individual straight quotation marks as follows: for a smart open quote, press Alt + 0147. For a smart closed quote, press Alt + 0148.

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Battle For The Net

If you woke up tomorrow, and your internet looked like this, what would you do?

Imagine all your favorite websites taking forever to load, while you get annoying notifications from your ISP suggesting you switch to one of their approved “Fast Lane” sites.

Think about what we would lose: all the weird, alternative, interesting, and enlightening stuff that makes the Internet so much cooler than mainstream Cable TV. What if the only news sites you could reliably connect to were the ones that had deals with companies like Comcast and Verizon?

On September 10th, just a few days before the FCC’s comment deadline, public interest organizations are issuing an open, international call for websites and internet users to unite for an “Internet Slowdown” to show the world what the web would be like if Team Cable gets their way and trashes net neutrality. Net neutrality is hard to explain, so our hope is that this action will help SHOW the world what’s really at stake if we lose the open Internet.

If you’ve got a website, blog or tumblr, get the code to join the #InternetSlowdown here: https://battleforthenet.com/sept10th

Everyone else, here’s a quick list of things you can do to help spread the word about the slowdown: http://tumblr.fightforthefuture.org/post/96020972118/be-a-part-of-the-great-internet-slowdown

Get creative! Don’t let us tell you what to do. See you on the net September 10th!

via Battle For The Net.

About Poetry Magazine : Poetry magazine : Published by the Poetry Foundation

About Poetry Magazine : Poetry magazine : Published by the Poetry Foundation.


August 7, 2015


Alice James Books is a nonprofit poetry press, founded in 1973 by five women and two men: Patricia Cumming, Marjorie Fletcher, Jean Pedrick, Lee Rudolph, Ron Schreiber, Betsy Sholl and Cornelia Veenendaal. Their objectives were to give women access to publishing and to involve authors in the publishing process.

In 1994, the press moved from Harvard Square to Farmington, ME and became affiliated with the University of Maine at Farmington. The press educates up to 14 interns per year through individual writing apprenticeships.

In 2014, after celebrating its anniversary with the release of an anthology celebrating 40 years of AJB poetry, the press revised its cooperative structure to allow the separation of the editorial and business boards of the press. The aim of the separation is to allow greater focus on the individual goals of these two boards, while strengthening the financial health and viability of the press.

The press remains true to its original mission to publish and support women poets. It also is committed to publishing a diversity of poets including both beginning and established poets, and a diversity of poetic voices and styles by men, women, and transgendered poets of all ethnic backgrounds.






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Choose a Language:  English

Our Collection
About the TumbleBook Library

TumblePremium is your answer to building reading, math and multiple literacy skills. TumblePremium is the amalgamation of 3 collections (TumbleBookLibrary; TumbleBookCloud Jr; TumbleMath) into one easy access point. One super collection, one login.

Our TumblePremium collection has nearly 1000 titles and is perfect for public libraries and elementary schools, with content most appropriate for those in grades K-6. It includes animated talking picture books, chapter books, videos, non-fiction titles, playlists, books in languages other than English such as French and Spanish, graphic novels and math stories.

This collection is rich in educational resources such as lesson plans, quizzes, educational games and puzzles related to both math and language skills. It also includes FREE common core portals: a K-5 English Common Core Portal and a Math Common Core Portal. These portals have resources aligned to core standards and make integrating TumbleBooks and the Common Core into your classrooms effortless. For those of you not following the Common Core, these portals are also useful since they contain lesson plans and quizzes which help build certain skills, such as vocabulary building or understanding elements of a story.

For pricing please click here.



Our TumbleDeluxe collection is our core collection which is used by over 30,000 schools and libraries across the world. You get 550 titles which include animated talking picture books, books in English, French and Spanish, read-alongs, non-fiction books and National Geographic Videos, as well as educator resources such as lesson plans, quizzes and educational games and puzzles. The collection includes the FREE K-3 English Common Core Portal.

For pricing please click here.




Collections include licensed titles from children’s book publishers such as Simon & Schuster, Chronicle Books, Candlewick Press, Charlesbridge Press, Walker & Company, Annick Press, Orca Books, Lerner Books, and HarperCollins Publishers, amongst others.

The collections also provide enrichment to students who are reading independently with a variety of high interest material. It also provides support to students who require skill building with a variety of exercises that can be matched with other areas of the curriculum. In general, TumblePremium and TumbleDeluxe are great additions to a reading program that can be worked on independently by each student or by the whole class. It has been exceptionally well received by ESL and Special Education teachers.

The collections are accessed online from every computer in your school or library with Internet connection, or from home through a direct link on your school or library website.

A subscription allows your school or library remote access to the entire collection from school, library, and home.


Math Stories
Increase math skills while reading stories which help you learn to count, add, subtract and more! Games, quizzes and supplementary material accompany the books.

Graphic Novels
Hugely popular with our readers, these books have text highlighting along with audio narration.



16 Graphic Novels
92 ebooks
90 more read-alongs
125 more videos
45 more non-fiction titles
47 math stories




Story Books
The TumbleBookLibrary has a selection of children’s favorite story books. Old time favorites such as “The Paper Bag Princess” by Robert Munsch, as well as favorite fairy tales such as “Jack and the Beanstalk” and “Old Mother Hubbard” come to life in an educational and interactive way. Other titles include: “Diary of a Worm,” “How I Became a Pirate,” “Miss Malarkey Doesn’t Live in Room 10,” “One Duck Stuck,” and “Tops and Bottoms.” Click to see a complete list of available titles.


Automatic/Manual Button
TumbleBooks are designed to be experienced in either automatic or manual mode. In automatic mode, the pages turn by themselves and are narrated; while in manual, the narration and animation continue but children turn the pages at their own speed. A flashing arrow appears at the end of each page prompting the reader to turn the page. The sound off/on button allows the student to mute the narration and read to themselves.


The Pause Button
Both the student and teacher can use the pause button to stop the story at any time in order to practice story prediction, interpret pictures, discuss new vocabulary words, empathize with a character, discuss possible consequences of actions, encourage problem solving, or provide historical, geographical, or other perspectives.

The story books section also includes pre-set playlists for your convenience which play various books in sequence! No need to choose books and add them to your favorites or playlist as we’ve already done this for you!

Want to view the books on your iPadClick here to link to our TumbleBooks mobile site.

Language Learning
Our Language Learning Section includes a growing selection of books in Spanish and French. Many are bilingual titles which allow the user to read the book in two languages.
Read-Along Books
Older students or more accomplished readers can read our collection of read-along chapter books. Read-along titles feature narration, sentence highlighting, and automatic page turning. Want more read-alongs? Click here to learn more about our TumbleBookCloud database. Subscribe to TumbleBooKCloud
(for middle and high schools) www.tumblebookcloud.com, TumbleBookCloud Junior (tailored to elementary schools) www.tbcjr.com, or both and enhance your students/patrons reading experience even more!.


We’ve partnered with National Geographic to bring you videos which support with Core Curriculum Standards, covering subjects such as History, Geography, Social Studies and Science, to name just a few! The great part is that these videos are also paired with our non-fiction titles in the collection! Read “Meet the Meerkat” by Darrin Lunde, for example, then watch an educational video from National Geographic to learn more about this fascinating creature.
Non-fiction Books
Our non-fiction section allows young readers the opportunity to explore stories about real animals, people or places.
Puzzles and Games
A collection of puzzles and games accompany each book and reinforce concepts from the books, allowing for a fun and educational learning experience.
TumbleBookLibrary En Espanol and TumbleBookLibrary en Francais
Our language drop down menu allows users to view the entire website in Spanish or French. Instructions, news and descriptions of books are all in Spanish or French. Perfect for ESL, Bilingual, and French and Spanish programs.
Our online search allows you to search by title, author, publisher, and language. In addition, you can search by reading levels, subject, title and more!


Each TumbleBookLibrary subscription includes your own TumbleAdmin section where you can view your usage statistics and update your account or download icons, bookmark templates and other marketing material.


The TumblePlayer allows students, teachers, librarians and parents to preload a number of TumbleBooks in an online player in order to be played one after another. Perfect for library story time. The TumblePlayer works just like an online music player.


My Favorites
Add your favorite title(s) to the My Favorites section for easy access any time. This feature is cookied onto individual computers.


My Cloud allows you to create a secondary login so you can retrieve your Favorites from any computer in the world. It allows multiple users to create multiple Favorite lists on the same computer.






Click on any grant or award below for more information and submission guidelines.

Manuscript Awards – Given in conjunction with the SCBWI Summer Conference in Los Angeles for promising manuscripts.

Emerging Voices Award – Established with funding from Martin and Sue Schmitt of the 455 Foundation to foster the emergence of diverse voices in children’s books.

Student Writer Scholarship – Conference tuition for full-time university students in an English or Creative Writing program. 

Work-in-Progress Awards – To assist children’s book writers and illustrators in the publication of a specific project currently not under contract. Given in the categories of: Picture Book Text, Chapter Books/Early Fiction, Middle Grade, Young Adult Fiction, Nonfiction, and Multicultural Fiction or Nonfiction.

Karen Cushman Late Bloomer AwardAn award for a work-in-progress from an unpublished author over 50.


Book Launch Award – Provides authors or illustrators with $2,000 in funds to help the promotion of their newly published work and take the marketing strategy into their own creative hands. 

Crystal Kite Awards – Peer-given award to recognize great books from 15 SCBWI regional divisions around the world. 

Golden Kite Awards – Instituted in 1973, the Golden Kite Awards are the only children’s literary award judged by a jury of peers. The Golden Kite Awards recognize excellence in children’s literatures in five categories: Young Reader and Middle Grade Fiction, Young Adult Fiction, Nonfiction, Picture Book Text, and Picture Book Illustration. 

Jane Yolen Mid-List Author Grant – Critically acclaimed children’s book author Jane Yolen created this grant to honor the contribution of mid-list authors. 

Lee Bennett Hopkins Poetry Award – The Lee Bennett Hopkins Poetry Award recognizes and encourages the publication of an excellent book of poetry or anthology for children and/or young adults. This award is given every three years.

Magazine Merit Award – For original magazine work for young people in the categories of fiction, nonfiction, illustration, and poetry. 

Martha Weston Grant – The Martha Weston Grant was established by the Hairston Family to remember author/illustrator Martha Weston. The grant helps authors and illustrators who want to switch children’s book genres.

Sid Fleischman Award – Given with the Golden Kite Awards, an award for exemplary writing for children in the genre of humor.

Spark Award – An annual award that recognizes excellence in a children’s book published through a non-traditional publishing route.

Work-in-Progress Awards –  To assist children’s book writers and illustrators in the publication of a specific project currently not under contract. Given in the categories of: Picture Book Text, Chapter Books/Early Fiction, Middle Grade, Young Adult Fiction, Nonfiction, and Multi-Cultural Fiction or Nonfiction.


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