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Personality Comparison for thunderl_LASH125

How You Compare to Personality Types

Find out how your personality type mingles with that of the others below.

Extraverted iNtuitive Feeling Judger (ENFJ)
“The Growth Teacher”
The Joys: These LoveTypes can bring some good things to the table to help each other. The analytical, precision-thinking Expert can quickly find the holes in the Growth Teacher’s projects and help improve them dramatically. The people-savvy Growth Teacher can show the Expert how to play the political and social game so they can fit in with the crowd and get what they need from others. Together, they enjoy an organized, schedule-focused lifestyle that focuses on maximum accomplishment in minimum time.

The Frustrations: Growth Teachers are intense, passionate, and cuddly–traits often lacking in the more cerebral and independent-minded Expert. The Expert is often puzzled as to why the Growth Teacher craves some much time together–always needing to talk and connect emotionally. Hasn’t the Growth Teacher heard that space and time alone is important for a relationship? Apparently not, because the Growth Teacher can quickly become irritated and upset when they feel the Expert is avoiding them and hiding out in their shell.

Extraverted Intuitive Feeling Perceiver (ENFP)
“The Social Philosopher”
The Joys: As a natural critic and editor, the Expert is the perfect complement to the super creative Social Philosopher. The Social Philosopher appreciates the Expert’s detailed feedback that can make any creative project a winner, and the Expert gets their kicks out of doing what they’re best at: finding the flaws in something and improving it to its highest potential. For these two, life is a never-ending vessel of improvement and growth, as both partners work to help each other reach a higher level of excellence.

The Frustrations: Emotion, emotion, where art thou? cries the sentimental and romantic Social Philosopher after spending time with the logically minded Expert. The Social Philosopher usually wants more tenderness and emotional attention from the Expert, but the Expert wonders why the Social Philosopher needs so much emotional reassurance. “Didn’t your mommy breast feed you enough?” may be one of the tack-sharp, witty retorts uttered by the Expert, the kind of remark the sensitive Social Philosopher doesn’t quite appreciate.

Extraverted iNtuitive Thinking Judger (ENTJ)
“The General”
The Joys: Both of these strong minded individuals have one thing on their mind: Success. Not just moderate or average success, but society-changing, empire building, big moneymaking success. They share the vision and the drive to create something large and powerful in their lives–manifesting the fruits of a unique and prosperous lifestyle.

The Frustrations: Two strong-minded people like these can easily butt heads, and often do. The highly talkative General will try to verbally stomp on the Expert at times, but the Expert is canny enough to give as well as they get. Debates can get fierce and ugly when these two have opposing mindsets and neither is willing to budge. It doesn’t matter what they’re arguing about–small or big–if there’s a difference of opinion among these two, there’s going to be a tug of war. No doubt.

Extraverted iNtuitive Thinking Perceiver (ENTP)
“The Innovator”
The Joys: As Knowledge Seekers, this pair enjoys mental and educational activities that can broaden their horizons. Another advantage of this coupling is that the structured Expert can help the freewheeling Innovator improve their organizational skills, while the more adaptable, easy-going Innovator can help the Expert mellow out once in a while. Also, the Innovator can encourage the usually cautious Expert to take more intelligent risks that can pay off big in the long run.

The Frustrations: Too much risk, especially with money, is not a good thing, says the Expert. From the Innovator’s perspective, however, money invested in the right project is never a risk; it’s money well spent. As a result, the free-spending Innovator is likely to rankle the penny counting Expert, who is terrified that their life savings will be blown on their partner’s latest half-assed venture. “Don’t worry,” replies the confident Innovator. “It’s money in the bank. Stop sweating, and we’ll start collecting.”

Extroverted Sensing Feeling Judger (ESFJ)
“The Dutiful Host”
The Joys: Dealing with large groups of people is always a challenge for Experts, but not when they have a Dutiful Host in their lives. The Dutiful Host relishes the thought of planning large, lavish, and fun-filled parties and social events, entertaining as many people as possible–including their low-key Expert–so that everyone has a rip-roaring good time. And while the Dutiful Host is planning and entertaining away, they’re wondering what great invention, idea, or project their brainy Expert is going to come up with next.

The Frustrations: The Dutiful Host is one of the most emotionally communicative of the LoveTypes, and they absolutely demand emotional attention from their mates. This could be a problem for the more detached, inward Expert, who often just wants to be left along so they can solve another problem or create another system. That attitude just doesn’t cut it for the tender and verbally expressive Dutiful Host–they want someone they can talk to now–someone they feel is equally invested in a true love partnership.

Extraverted Sensing Feeling Perceiver (ESFP)
“The Performer”
The Joys: Experts are often attracted to their exact opposite, the flamboyant, charismatic Performer, someone who can bring excitement and social fun into their more reclusive, inward life. And the Performer is often attracted to the quiet, intellectual reserve of the Experts, a perfect contrast to the high-wheeling, energetic social life they normally lead. By being a catalyst and revelation to each other, this couple encounters things they would never have experienced alone.

The Frustrations: As exact opposites, trouble can loom in every corner of their relationship. When the Expert is tired and exhausted after talking to people at work, the Performer wants to go out to the new theatre opening. When the Expert wants to talk about a novel, imagination-stretching topic, the Performer wants to dance salsa and take in a show. And when the Performer wants to declare their love from the top of all the mountain tops, the Expert says, “Not here, let’s think about this first and write down our thoughts about each other.”

Extraverted Sensing Thinking Judger (ESTJ)
“The Traditionalist”
The Joys: Building a long-term relationship and eventually, a prosperous and secure family life, are important priorities for this LoveType combination. As structured and organized individuals, they prefer a lifestyle that is devoid of surprises and unexpected twists. They derive pleasure from knowing what they’re going to be doing in advance so they can be prepared.

The Frustrations: The talkative Traditionalist can appear bossy to the independence-loving Expert. Experts hate being told what to do, but the verbally communicative Traditionalist usually has a list of things they want done (and the exact way they want it done). They create this list because they value efficiency, and they are often perplexed as to why the Expert always wants to cut corners and do things differently–why can’t they just follow the program?

Extraverted Sensing Thinking Perceiver (ESTP)
“The Wheeler-Dealer”
The Joys: As logical individuals, this pair can avoid conflicts because they can detach themselves from an emotional situation and look at the logical side of the equation. They also admire each other’s qualities: The Wheeler Dealer’s exceptionally persuasive sales ability is intriguing to the more restrained Expert, while the Wheeler Dealer is impressed by the Expert’s ability to go within and come up with amazing ideas that can make an impact.

The Frustrations: To the Expert, the Wheeler-Dealer can appear to be a flaky, superficial person who has no real substance or depth. To the Wheeler-Dealer, the Expert can appear to be a self-preoccupied stubborn ass who doesn’t want to see anything outside their myopic little world. “Go ahead and stay home with your dumb ideas; I’m going to the club,” The Wheeler-Dealer might yell on a particularly bad night. “No problem,” retorts the smug Expert. “At least I don’t have to worry about venereal disease.”

Introverted iNtuitive Feeling Judger (INFJ)
“The Mystic Writer”
The Joys: When these two come together, they’re delighted to meet an intellectual equal. Living through their thoughts, ideas, and imagination, this couple can create a very special mental bond that allows them to discuss and analyze the rare and special ideas that very few people are capable of understanding. Reading, chess or board games, video games, and movies are mentally stimulating activities that appeal to this introspective, stay-at-home couple.

The Frustrations: Mystic Writers can get peeved at what they feel is the emotional obliviousness of their Expert. To the Mystic writer, the Expert may seem remote, detached, and even cold. From the Expert’s perspective, however, it’s the Mystic Writer who has the problem: “Why do they need so much emotional reassurance? I told them I loved them at the beginning of the relationship; if anything changes, I’ll let them know.”

Introverted iNtuitive Feeling Perceiver (INFP)
“The Idealistic Philosopher”
The Joys: These two love to converse deeply, on almost any topic imaginable. Both are often well-educated, articulate, and intellectual individuals who feel driven to learn, grow, and continually improve themselves and their relationship. When they first meet, they often feel immediately comfortable with each other on an intellectual level; both have minds that are endlessly inquisitive, curious, and active. They don’t need a lot of people around to enjoy themselves either; scintillating conversation, a bottle of wine, and the two of them will do.

The Frustrations: Arguments can be a killer for this couple. The Expert’s natural argumentative mindset loves to pick things apart logically and enjoys a rousing debate and argument, just for it’s own intellectual sake. This can seem fun at first for the inquisitive Idealistic Philosopher but can quickly become personal and hurtful because of their sensitive nature. Also, the free-wheeling, independent loving Idealistic Philosopher is likely to be put off by the structured Expert’s bossy demands and instructions–the Expert likes to create structures and schemes and will get irritated at the Idealistic Philosopher’s resistance and inability to follow simple schedules and plans.

Introverted iNtuitive Thinking Judger (INTJ)
“The Expert”
The Joys: These expert debaters and unconventional thinkers love to spice up a conversation with witty repartee and creative wordplay. As intellectual equals, they’re up for learning just about anything, and using their newfound wisdom to solve any conceivable problem or puzzle. This pair is often highly educated, well-read, and successful financially, as these born savers are capable of putting plenty away for their future projects or to tide them over in an emergency.

The Frustrations: Their mutual stubbornness could hamper their relationship. Whether it’s a big decision like whether to have kids or a small one like what movie to see, their innate competitive and argumentative nature can sometimes get in the way of agreeing on things and moving the relationship forward. Fortunately, both are also interested in improving and growing, so if they’re able to learn the art of compromise, they can work out their differences and keep building a successful relationship.

Introverted iNtuitive Thinking Perceiver (INTP)
“The Scholar”
The Joys: There is an intellectually fun and competitive edge to this pair. They enjoy showing off their dazzling minds and intellects to each other and to a few close, like-minded friends. They often share an interest in brain-stimulating games like chess, computer and video games, and thought-provoking books and movies. The more structured Expert is able to help the Scholar order his thoughts and activities, while the flexible, go-with-the flow Scholar can help the sometimes uptight Expert relax and unwind when everything doesn’t go according to plan.

The Frustrations: This couple tends to fight over order, time, and organization. The more spontaneous, seat-of-the pants Scholar likely has books and papers everywhere, which tends to annoy the hell out of the usually better-organized Expert. In the meantime, the Scholar wishes the Expert would just chill and stop being so obsessed with controlling everything all the time. When it comes to going places, the Scholar can be counted on to be on Scholar time (which usually means late), while the Expert can get antsy when their sense of timeliness and schedules is being violated by their clock-oblivious Scholar.

Introverted Sensing Feeling Judger (ISFJ)
“The Caretaker”
The Joys: These two like to keep things neat and orderly in their home and work lives. They enjoy structure, stability, and predictability their schedules and day-to-day life. As Introverts, they prefer a quieter, private home-based lifestyle that affords them a relaxed, pleasant environment with minimal noise and distractions. Sure, a few friends can cover over once in a while, but not too many and not too often.

The Frustrations: The Caretaker will often complain about the emotional distance of the the Expert: “Why don’t they show more verbal and physical affection? Why does an ‘I love you’ cost you that much?” “It isn’t necessary to say the words all the time,” replies the logically-minded Expert. “I love you in my own way; why should I have to tell you all the time? You’re too needy and emotional. Be more logical like me.”

Introverted Sensing Feeling Perceiver (ISFP)
“The Gentle Artist”
The Joys: The quietly sensitive Gentle artist can teach the logical Expert about the value of tender affection and gentle expressions of love. In return, the Gentle Artist can pick up a more logical mindset from the Expert and learn how to develop a thicker skin so other people and life events don’t destroy them so easily. As quieter, private people, they both value their quiet time and enjoy spending a lot of time at home or in quiet settings.

The Frustrations: The Gentle Artist wants emotional sharing and connection; the Expert values intellectual stimulation. Although they may try to give each other what they want, often times both come away unsatisfied–the Gentle Artist doesn’t get the romance and emotions they need, and the Expert is not intellectually stimulated enough by the Gentle Artist. At the same time, the Expert feels like they’re walking on eggshells–every little thing they say can hurt the fragile Gentle Artist–while the Gentle Artist complains that the Expert is often insensitive and critical.

Introverted Sensing Thinking Judger (ISTJ)
“The Administrator”
The Joys: Saving and investing are one of the great joys for this couple. Seeing their money and possessions grow, leaving behind a financial legacy for their children, and enjoying a high-quality, low worry retirement are things this couple is frequently planning and looking forward to. Another plus: As logical thinkers, they don’t take arguments too personally. Instead of getting hurt easily by random comments, they can avoid the type of emotional blowups that afflict other couples.

The Frustrations: “You just don’t get my ideas,” complains the frustrated Expert after they’ve tried to explain their brilliant breakthroughs to the conventional-thinking Administrator for the umpteenth time. “I’m just at a much higher level of thought.” “Higher is right,” replies the Administrator. “Why don’t you come down out of those clouds and talk to me about reality–things we have to do around the house and for us. I don’t care about your invention that’s going to change the world in 10 years; when are you going to change our daughter’s diaper? “

Introverted Sensing Thinking Perceiver (ISTP)
“The Craftsperson”
The Joys: The adventuresome, nature-exploring Craftsperson can get the Expert out of their intellectual shell long enough to enjoy the pleasures of pure raw action and adrenaline: river rafting, camping, hiking, skiing, canoeing, jet skiing, and so on. And the Craftsperson can get a dose of mental stimulation and learn how to value the discussion of higher ideas. As Introverts, both also enjoy quiet times together and with a few close friends.

The Frustrations: The organized Expert will usually have little patience for the way the messy, scattered Craftsperson leaves tools, instruments, and projects lying all over the house. And the Craftsperson will get annoyed at the Expert’s insistence on excessive orderliness and sticking to structure at the expense of flexibility and spontaneity. The Craftsperson doesn’t like it when the Expert acts elitist and makes fun of the Craftsperson’s prized outdoor projects and hands-on activities because they’re blue collar. “Just because it’s not mental or intellectual doesn’t mean it’s not valuable,” replies the miffed Craftsperson.


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