About Us

Established in 1856, the Florida Historical Society is dedicated to preserving Florida’s past through the collection and archival maintenance of historical documents and photographs, the publication of scholarly research on Florida history, and educating the public about Florida history through a variety of public history projects and programs. We maintain an extensive archive at the Library of Florida History, publish the Florida Historical Quarterly and books through the Florida Historical Society Press, manage the Historic Rossetter House Museum and Gardens, and operate the Florida Historical Society Archaeological Institute at the Brevard Museum of History and Natural Science. We produce “Florida Frontiers: The Weekly Radio Magazine of the Florida Historical Society” and documentaries for public television. We maintain a content rich web site at myfloridahistory.org, and a dynamic Facebook page at “Florida Historical Society.” The Annual Meeting and Symposium is held in a different Florida location in May each year featuring paper presentations, round table discussions, tours of historic sites, an awards luncheon, banquet, picnic, and more. Our educational outreach projects and programs include active participation in events and festivals throughout the state, frequent public talks on a variety of subjects, workshops for teachers and students, history-based theatrical presentations, exhibits, and much more.

We are an independent, Member supported, 501c(3) not-for-profit organization.

Radio Programs

The Weekly Radio Magazine

Board of Directors

Dr. Leonard Lempel
Daytona Beach, FL
Tracy Moore
Cocoa, FL
Emily Lisska
Jacksonville, FL
Immediate Past President
Dr. James G. Cusick
Gainesville, FL
Dr. Robert Cassanello
Orlando, FL
Board Members
Dr. Abel Bartley
Jacksonville, FL
Judy Duda
Oviedo, FL
Dr. David Jackson
Tallahassee, FL
Dr. Sherry Johnson
Miami, FL
Tom McFarland
Merritt Island, FL
Dr. Jesus Mendez
Coral Gables, FL
Dr. Maurice “Socky” O’Sullivan
Winter Park, FL
Harvey Oyer, III
West Palm Beach, FL
Sandra Parks
St. Augustine, FL
Richard “Dick” Prescott
Ft. Myers, FL
Christopher J. Ranck
Heathrow, FL
Dr. Robert E. Snyder
Lutz, FL
KC Smith
Tallahassee, FL
Dr. Irvin D. S. Winsboro
Ft. Myers, FL
Council “Butch” Wooten
Orlando, FL
Ex-officio Board Members:
Dr. Connie Lester,
Editor, The Florida Historical Quarterly, University of Central Florida
Perry D. West
Chair, Rossetter House Foundation

tiers Radio Program #227

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Funding: The Florida Historical Society is a 501(c)(3) organization. Operating funds for expenses are generated through membership dues, special fundraising events, bookstore sales, grants, and the generous contributions of members and the general public.
Founding Fellow

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