Pastor Fred Luter, Jr.
Fred Luter, Jr.
, the first African American President of the Southern Baptist Convention,
is the
Senior Pastor at Franklin Avenue Baptist Chu
rch in New Orleans, Louisiana
, Jr.
began his ministerial journey
what he refers to as
his “
n 1977
a motorcycle accident seriously injured his body but
saved his soul.
As a result of
the accident, he made a conscious decision to surrender his life
to Christ. Every Saturday, on
corner of Galvez and Caffin Avenue
in the Lower Ninth Ward,
Luter would preach the
gospel to all who wanted to hear
In 1983,
God elevated
Luter and equipped him to preach
his first sermon at
Law Street Bapt
ist Church in New Orleans,
Years later, while preaching
at the
Greater Liberty Baptist Church
, Luter
learned of the opening at Franklin
Baptist Church and applied for the
September of 1986,
the small but faithful
65 members of
Franklin Avenue
Baptist Church
Fred Luter, Jr.
as their
pastor. This young street preacher from the Lower Ninth Ward was humbled and honored to serve this churc
h as his first
pastorate. T
his first time pastor committed himself to enco
urage the people by preaching, teaching, and living the Word
of God
Dedicated to
saving the family
Pastor Luter purposely sought
unique ways to draw men to the church. His belief
has always been that
if you save the man, the man would save his family.
The blessings in the next fe
w years were truly
the hand and
grace of God
upon his life
By 1989, Pastor
Luter had grown FABC to over 300 members.
By 1994, the church could no longer accommodate the
crowd in their current building and
Luter challeng
ed his congregation to increase their tithes and offerings to
a larger sanctuary
. In March of 1997, God rewar
ded their faithfulness and Pastor
Luter moved his
into a 2,500 seat sanctuary. By 2005,
prior to Hurricane Katrina,
ter grew
to over
,000 members.
FABC is still growing and Pastor
Luter has a vision to build a 4,500 seat
sanctuary through its Capital Campaign
“Committed to Changing More Lives
Luter says
Franklin Avenue’
s mission statement
is simple
: To spiritually impact our families, neighborhoods, city and
state by
xalting the Savior,
quipping the saints and
vangelizing the sinners
Luter’s strategy for
is embedded in his concept
he calls
“FRAN” standing for friends, relatives, associates,
and neighbors
where he encourages his congregation
to invite one of them t
o come to church with you.
Luter’s passion for the people of God, commitment to his family and his love for God’s word le
d him to be
unanimously elected
as President of the Southern Baptist Convention, the largest prote
nt organization in America, in
June 2012.
Many have referred to him as a man after God’s own heart that is k
nown for his humil
ity and powerful, lively
preaching style. O
ne of Pastor
Luter’s famous sayings
at Franklin Avenue Baptist Church
is “It
’s Not Ab
out the Pastor,
About the Master” and that saying he has taken with him to the SBC. When
asked to say a few words after being
, his response was
“To God Be the Glory for the Things He Has Done.”
Fred Luter, Jr. was born in New Orleans, Louisiana on November 11, 1956.
He has been married to his “Prime R
Elizabeth Luter for 32 years. They are the proud parents of one
daughter Kimberly Luter,
one son Fred “Chip” Luter, III,
ine Luter and grandparents of
one grandson, Fred Luter, IV.

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