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Sunnyvale, California

'hey  bonjour  hallo  hola  ciao  xαίρετε  nín hǎo  hyālō  kon'nichiwa  halēā  alo annyeonghaseyo  olá  s̄wạs̄dī  shalom  xin chào  hello  #LiveTextMe

Connect everywhere, Yahoo Livetext is now available globally'
'Livetext any friend, anytime, anywhere, and now, in any language! #Livetextme

Download now:'
'Find what you're looking for, faster! Introducing new, powerful search features in @[12269886929:274:Yahoo Mail], like better organized search results, sort by relevance, and more.'
'@[44055499074:274:Miguel] set the internet ablaze last night! If you missed his amazing #YahooLive/ #LiveNation show, you definitely want to watch the replay on @[131914950161862:274:Yahoo Screen]:'
'Are you a @[36238026758:274:Deadliest Catch] fan? @[166531786715931:274:Capt. Keith Colburn] and @[1619783381594915:274:Amy Majors] will be answering YOUR questions today at 1:30PM ET over on the @[183227235893:274:YahooTV] Facebook page.'
'TONIGHT: Don't miss @[9857593767:274:Los Lonely Boys] perform LIVE in concert, exclusively on #YahooLive! #@[115007651845010:274:LiveNation]'
'@[147815361945889:274:Yahoo Health] shows you how to #Livetext while you workout. Download the new app today!'
'In honor of @[886913471366036:274:Knock Knock Live]'s premiere tomorrow night, host @[279314722258222:274:Ryan Seacrest] is taking over the @[183227235893:274:YahooTV] instagram today! Follow along here:'
'Some say the eyes are the windows to the soul...we think it's the inbox. What is your email personality?'


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  • Brendan Clement Poor Cuba. This beautiful country is going to be swarmed by the American tourist plague quite soon
  • Sara Keefe I hear that there are oddles of old cars there!

Even Donald J. Trump can’t escape jury duty.

  • Patty Siniard Doman, Brittney Harris, Erik Berroteran and 242 others like this.
  • Nate Roll Gee I hope I get a headline if I get jury duty. Are we going to get a shot of him in the jury box too?
  • Dayna Marie Juarez Cool! I have jury duty on Monday. Haha

Stella McCartney is now “more determined than ever to fight for animal rights in fashion.”

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  • Alanna Rae Jevne Domesticated sheep need to be sheared, otherwise they become very uncomfortable.
    I don’t see a point in vegan wool. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
  • Hailee Losser How is shearing a sheep animal abuse?
    • 1 Reply
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  • Matt Malouf Here we go again. Much ado about nothing.
    27 · 1 hr
    • 2 Replies · 1 hr
  • Teresa Heldreth Someone had to be very bored and even more immature to spot this. And double for whoever thought the crap was newsworthy.
    26 · 1 hr

1 hr ·

Ed Sheeran — Live At Wembley Stadium’ airs Sunday on NBC, much to the delight of moony teen girls everywhere.

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1 hr ·

We know the feeling of “hanger” all too well.

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  • Twavy Sibale Oh no,its Low blood salt
  • Charles Westberry Thanks for posting this. My wife suffers from hanger too

Call up your best bud, put on your favorite flannel, pop in the VHS, and munch on our ’90s-inspired fare.

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  • Cruz Mercado Captain America movies sucked
  • Abe Villarreal Lets go Civil War is going to be the best movie marvel will ever put out

Fifty years ago today, The Beatles invaded NYC during their 1965 tour with a concert at Shea Stadium.

Have you ever heard of Rocky Mountain Spotted Fever?

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  • Patti Lopez Leon I Got Rocky Mountain spotted fever from a Tick. Watch out for those ticks!! I found out because my hands were unusually sore and urgert care tested for Lyme and Rocky Mountain Spotted fever
  • Sargu Naidu Yup caused by tick bites. Rickettsiae rickettsii
    1 · 2 hrs

This may just be the best news you read all day.

Happy Birthday, Jennifer Lawrence! We’ll watch this video today in your honor.

The parents are suing their town and school district for not doing enough to protect their son.

  • Brian Klimas, Erica Carlson-Ruiz, Rachel Marasco and 964 others like this.
  • Angie Johnson Williams Sue the parents of the kids that bullied him. Those parents should have to answer for their brats. Not the school
    • 20 Replies · 40 mins
  • Jose Hernandez Ibaka Hmm, blaming everyone they can but they never realized their child was coming home devastated from the bullying. Seems legit.
    • 14 Replies · 38 mins

Would you be interested in purchasing the website well, you’re probably out of luck.

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  • Chip Cecchini Just once again, shows how he thinks ahead! TRUMP 2016!
    • 4 Replies · 33 mins
  • Cristain Monter Well guess ima make alot of web sites of Donald Trump sucks so he’ll buy them and I’ll get some money
    • 7 Replies · 1 hr

The bug could’ve given hackers access to the entire operating system.

  • Ashley Nicole Mckeel, ALoysius Wai Dak Yong, Shauna Nichols and 545 others like this.
  • Jimmy Gordon That’s why you don’t use mac
    3 · 5 hrs
    • 4 Replies · 2 hrs
  • Brandi Lechowicz I’ve been using Mac for 4 years. I’ve never had a virus but just an adware. Apple will even admit that a virus can happen. It’s just less likely due to the coding involved in the OS. You have to seriously let the virus in.
    3 · 2 hrs

The TLC documentary aims to “promote education, raise awareness, and advance the conversation.”

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  • Sheri Rodriguez “Breaking the Silence” or “How to Cover it Up?”
    • 10 Replies · 25 mins
  • Andrea Bermudez Who gives a care!!! I think everyone is pretty much over the Duggars by now!!!! Its just publicity and money they want….

These little guys really go for it!

  • Antonyo Domanic Ortiz, Alexis Danielle Henninger, Mûhâmmâð Fâýÿâz and 595 others like this.
  • Chris Mesher They’re also riding sheep like their wives
    2 · 6 hrs
  • Caleb Banda I remember trying to ride my dog when i was a kid

Don’t be afraid to rev up your routine.

The giant whale approached their boat and seemed to ask them for help removing a plastic bag from its mouth.

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  • Priscilla Hancock it is our responsibility to do this since it is humans who put it in the ocean to begin with.
    • 1 Reply
  • Fatima Lasala Its not giant its just the whale is giant pacman emoticon,
    2 · 5 hrs
    • 1 Reply · 1 hr

Megyn Kelly has decided to go on an unplanned vacation. Can you blame her?

  • Tiffany Terry Barnes, Christine Amonino, Noelallan Medina Gon and 424 others like this.
  • Troy Moore I forget, we care because why?
    • 1 Reply · 2 hrs
  • Sally Leach Megyn Kelly , I hope you and your family have a happy, blessed , much deserved vacation !!! Take a break from work and come back stronger than ever !!! smile emoticon
    3 · 4 hrs
    • 4 Replies · 1 hr

The family has filed a $25 million lawsuit against the university, the fraternity and three members.

  • Bruce Nguyen, Tiffany Nichole Torrez, Lizeth Valdivia and 1,008 others like this.
  • Mwangi Jon Gachago Can we just shut down fraternities and sororities? Its just a popularity competition that extended from high school to college….
    • 11 Replies · 51 mins
  • Debbie Smith It’s a shame these kinds of things happen. I wish people would just learn to use their heads and think of the consequences before they act. Fraternities should be protecting their pledges not putting them in danger, on the other hand the pledge should have enough thought to say” Hey, no way. That’s just too dangerous and my life isn’t worth loosing over a fraternity membership”
    • 3 Replies · 2 hrs

Katie Couric looks at the rise of the female superhero character, from Wonder Woman to Batgirl to Ms. Marvel. Watch the full piece:

It’s been a difficult run for Michael Sam, the first openly gay professional football player.

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  • Mike McCavanagh Can we stop with the Michael Sam reports already. He sucks
    • 5 Replies · 2 hrs
  • Dennis Morgan He can cite, “mental health” all he wants. Fans who could care less about his sexuality cite his inability to play professional football. He’s been in the spotlight enough, someone give this guy a reality show. I’m sure you can get a million or so viewers.
    3 · 7 hrs

This rumor is gaining some traction.

  • Cynthia Pesa Bermas Guiuan, Greg Clark, Shalit Maitrechit and 1,137 others like this.
  • David L. Morrow Will This Apple Car Have Windows In It ??
    • 8 Replies · 1 hr
  • Joshua Beloungy So that’ll be a POS overpriced car?
    • 2 Replies · 30 mins
  • Joshua Glasscock, Michelle Comfort, Edna Teodoro and 557 others like this.
  • Jim El Rosie O’Donnell – the professional victim…always wrong, always loud wrong.

    Remember…..It was wretched Rosie that fired the first salvo in this feud.

    • 8 Replies · 36 mins
  • Jennifer Matarazzo It is people like disgusting Rosie O’donnell that give women a bad name. She is a disgrace to women for her loud & abrasive big mouth!!!
    • 11 Replies · 1 min

Here’s why next week means so much to Tiger Woods.

It’s the biggest hiring increase in more than a decade.

  • Abo Zamzam, Alessia Hernandez, Emad Aurfi and 8,138 others like this.
  • Nitin Sidarth Chand they will have to hire Gandalf the Handyman for maintenance
  • Stephen Chambers Okay I get how it’d be really freakin cool and all, but billions of dollars are needed elsewhere
    • 32 Replies · 8 mins

“It’s crazy what people have decided we’re all supposed to be.”

  • Davida Pimentel, Kaylie McGaghey, Samarth Goel and 1,792 others like this.
  • Ebuka Youngboss Ozoh Playing Hannah Montana made u famous so STFU!!
    • 22 Replies · 1 hr
  • Fransisca Amelia Putri maybe you’re right bout that miley, but you cant blame hannah montana forever …
  • Anthony James Beirsack, Lydia Mateos, Kurtis-Lee Williams and 7,249 others like this.
  • Alden Rice They needed to end toy story at 3. What else can u add on to that great story ending?
    • 10 Replies · 1 hr
  • Roger Baron Cajis Santillan The incredibles 2 pls
    • 7 Replies · 4 hrs
  • Maria Karoline, Ashley Nicole, Ahmed Osman and 660 others like this.
  • Ki Benjamin Tobey was the best, Andrew was the worse, he could be Carnage
    • 7 Replies · 5 hrs
  • Anthony Daye Toby McGuire was the worst Spiderman Andrew Garfield was way better
    1 · 5 hrs
    • 4 Replies · 11 mins

See the posters for “Alice Through the Looking Glass,” featuring Johnny Depp and Mia Wasikowska.

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  • David Johnson I think this Movie is a part 3 (Alice in Wonderland 1951)she was a little girl (Alice in Wonderland 2010) she was all grown up and now (Alice
    Through The Looking Glass)
  • Raheem DeSilva ugh another alice movie…
    • 1 Reply
  • Triforce Hydeman, Justin Miguel Figueroa, Sarah Mae Rosario and 1,512 others like this.
  • Shane Wickline LeBron James had no part in the original and would totally ruin a rake
    • 3 Replies · 2 hrs
  • Jason Eide If this movie got made, Jordan should come in at the end and just put shame to LeBron
  • Brandon Nagle, Kim Marsh, ReBecca Mittal and 699 others like this.
  • Trey Maddox Wow I really am interested in why someone named their kid anything, please tell me, yahoo.
    • 1 Reply · 5 hrs
  • Carmelita Manalang Even she is Bush, why did she why she name her Poppy ?

Playing violent video games is one risk factor that leads to aggressive behavior, the report says.

  • Leby Cáceres, Samarth Goel, Miguel Angel Reyes and 1,619 others like this.
  • Pablo Elias Gonzalez BULL. It’s actually lag that links to aggressive behavior.
    • 35 Replies · 5 hrs
  • Evan Turk relation =/= causation. Maybe more naturally violent people play violent games?
    • 12 Replies · 5 hrs

How can you tell if your sad feelings are normal, or a sign of something more?

  • Brian N Kerry Mac, Christina Carrillo, Thais Marques Marques and 307 others like this.
  • Micah David Maggard Who the hell cares?
  • Hisham M Ayyad Shahad Car Rental Car hisham ayyad amman Jordan .
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    See More

“I didn’t really believe it, but when I went over there, sure enough, it was true.”

  • Yobani Vasquez, Adnan Rafiq, Emily Nesbitt and 1,856 others like this.
  • Ashish Gangshettiwar I am more worried about what he fed them with….
    • 4 Replies · 6 hrs
  • Jacob Bevell What do you mean rescued they look well fead

“Lieutenant Dan, ICE CREAM.”

  • Wadzna V. Mohammad, Ariatna Beltran, Precious Jawaher Diampuan Sarip and 2,150 others like this.
  • Brent Moore They forgot Eddie Murphy talking about ice cream in delirious
  • Maylonnai Harris Lmao I said that in his voice. Ice creammm. Lol
    • 1 Reply

Are postcard reminders to pay child support an invasion of privacy or a reasonable way to nudge parents to pay?

  • Kalai Kennedy, Kylie Marie Daniels, Brittany Kennedy and 1,263 others like this.
  • Pam Arens Ledbury If they aren’t paying the should feel shame!!
    • 31 Replies · 4 hrs
  • Virginia Riegert if they would pay their child support, they wouldn’t need a reminder
    • 10 Replies · 3 hrs
  • Umair Ashraf, Kobe Retaga Buenconcejo, Anthony Zelaya and 1,317 others like this.
  • Matthew Salata Fantastic 4 out of 10
    • 4 Replies · 11 hrs
  • Christian Perales Sooo bad I watched it free and I still felt like I shoulda been payed to watch it haha if u want the web site let me know . Haha don’t waste ur money peeps message me if u want
    • 20 Replies · 8 hrs
  • Justin Miguel Figueroa, Alexis Danielle Henninger, Maggie Mullooly and 1,265 others like this.
  • Valerie Rosenquist McGill I just want the cookie dough, forget the icecream
  • Tommy Bass I liked ben and Jerry’s before they sold the company, when there ice cream was real and not filled with poisonous ingredients

Dads, here’s where you can go to get Hair 101.

  • Alexis Danielle Henninger, Emily Nesbitt, ‎محمد حسن العشايشي‎ and 1,391 others like this.
  • Beth Felosi My Dad was always better at braiding my hair than my mom. I can remember one time when I can home from the Salon where the Stylist had french braided my hair. My Dad had me sit down in front of him so he could take apart my braid to learn how they Stylist did it.
  • Annie Merriweather If fathers want to learn this its great for them but children learn best by following the example of the parent that they identify with the most.
    • 1 Reply

Tech may be stressing you out — without you even realizing it!

Willie Nelson: country legend, writer, activist ….and healer?

  • Imran Jan Baloch, Joe Gonzales, অবুজ মনের রাব্বি and 272 others like this.
  • Joe Gonzales Yeah, a true on the bus, on road, guitar playing, singing road warrior, and not just he smokes the weed, cause he’s so cool.
  • Lindsey Eldred Willie’s voice always puts me at ease.
    1 · 9 hrs
  • Ahmed Osman, Ann Thompson, Dalveer Rana and 285 others like this.
  • Gordon Cowell Remakes seem to lose something, it never seems the same if you have watched the originals
  • Doug Gamboa *Spoilers* Lazer knife.

“The tragedy in Houston is an example of what happens when we don’t make it hard for dangerous people to get guns.”

  • Kim Marsh, Kathleen Ann, Carmen Castro and 619 others like this.
  • Christian Del Toro Making it hard for dangerous people? Those criminals can just get guns illegally and you’ll have tons of good citizens struggling to get guns.
    • 26 Replies · 3 hrs
  • Raphael Gomez Last time I checked Chicago had the highest murder rate, Chicago must have very lenient gun laws.
    • 11 Replies · 3 hrs

Taking a minute to relax is more important than you realize.

“All these donations show how much my mom was respected and loved. She’ll be remembered.”

The Boston Red Sox‘s John Farrell announced he’ll have surgery next week and won’t manage the rest of the season.

  • Ahmed Osman, Maria de Fatima, Debbie Tarbokas and 198 others like this.
  • John Pagliarulo As much as I hate the Red Sox, I wish John all the luck in the world. Baseball is 1 thing but a life is something different.
  • Sam Youcantstopme Frapolli Not like having a new manager will help the red sox suck less
    • 1 Reply

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