Read. Write. Be Read.

Our motto is concise, but it expands in practice to embrace the whole culture of letters. It also embodies in its decisive cadence our sense of mission: to connect each student with much of the best that has been done, while keeping the focus trained on his or her own emerging work.

Read, write. We do both—zealously. The reading feeds the writing and vice versa, deepening the engagement, and making clear the vital need for reflective vision and imaginative expression in the bit-streaming world. Reading and writing make the bond between student and instructor, and also, significantly, with other students in all genres. The bonds proliferate and they make a community, one that flourishes like the mythic Brigadoon during residencies, and then perpetuates itself other ways through the writing term—and beyond. There is nothing so rare, or fine, as a coming together of the most diverse individualities in the name of a common passion; there is nothing so exciting as watching the growth, change, and renewal of a community of engaged writers.

If the boundary between reading and writing is seen to be porous, so, over time, is that between the writing and the life. Read one hundred books. Write one. Make yours a writing life.

Program Information

Application Deadlines

  • June residency, March 1
  • January residency, September 1



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