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Sermon  Taking a Spear to a Curse and Compromise

Gary Wilkerson

In Christ we are holy and blessed people, but that may not always be our experience. Sometimes we can feel defeated or slip into compromise. The reality is that we have an enemy who attacks us, wants to curse us and attempts to rob God’s blessing from us. We must be aware and alert, but not afraid. God has given us everything we need—the Holy Spirit, prayer, the Bible, wise counsel, etc. Jesus, our advocate, faced the same enemy and overcame. Let’s allow Christ to drive a spear through the curse and compromise in our life. Then we will truly live a blessed life that draws people to Jesus.

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Newsletter – Behold the Tenderness of Jesus

David Wilkerson

Gary Wilkerson – Founder of World Challenge I once conducted a funeral service for a young man from our church who died of cancer. When I arrived for the service, I was told the young man’s mother was the only surviving member of a family of five. Her husband had died three years earlier and her two other sons had also died. This was her fourth funeral and the third son she’d had to bury.

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When I saw the video images, I gasped and burst into tears. A precious two-year-old girl in China had wandered into a crowded alleyway. Seconds later, a van careened down the alley and struck her. The driver sped off, leaving the baby motionless on the pavement. Two men walked by her without a glance and a motorcyclist maneuvered around her broken body. Eventually a shop owner called the police, but it was too late.

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Nepal Earthquake Response Update:

World Challenge’s Community Ministry has been working with our Northern India partner to bring immediate relief to people devastated by the earthquake in Nepal. By responding relationally through Nepalese churches and believers many who have lost loved ones are now being offered both life sustaining supplies, prayer, and heartfelt support. Many of those who are being reached are in remote rural areas that have yet to receive any help from international aid agencies. It’s therefore an incredible opportunity to minister to the brokenhearted through the local church. Please continue to keep Nepal in your prayers. If you want to help us financially you can visit and earmark your donation “Community Ministry.”


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