Future Of TV Categories At a Glance

Real Estate
Beach Club
Fitness Center
Golf Club
Kids Fun
Tennis Club
Plantation House

contact us
Contact Us

Main Line – 904-543-2999

Dial 904-543-2999 to reach one of the following: Security, The Plantation House/Reservations, The Beach House, Special Events/Catering, Golf, Tennis, Marketing/Membership/Real Estate or Administration/General Services.

ADMINISTRATION – 101 Plantation Drive

Rob Schlingmann, General Manager
Phone: 904-543-7528
Ann Thomson, Administrative Assistant
Phone: 904-543-7533
Kirsty Taylor, Chief Financial Officer
Phone: 904-543-7529
Denise Stafford, Billing & Accounts Payable
Phone: 904-543-7530
Lilly Hedgecock, Billing & Accounts Payable
Phone: 904-543-7537
Tom Rice, Human Resources
Phone: 904-543-7531
Human Resources Fax – 904-543-7542
Office Fax – 904-543-7293

GENERAL SERVICES & ADB – 101 Plantation Drive

Allen VanWinkle, General Services
Phone: 904-543-2996
Mike Romeo, Director of Security
Phone: 904-543-7535
Harriet Sasser, Assistant Director of Security
Phone: 904-543-7535
Mail Room – Rick Carlson, Adrian Baxter or Fabian Roldan
Phone: 904-543-7294
Gregg Bentz, Garden Home Maintenance
Phone: 904-543-7290

Ken Oshman, Maintenance
Phone: 904-543-7291
Office Fax – 904-543-2993

MARKETING & MEMBERSHIP – 101 Plantation Drive

Nicole Novena, Director of Marketing & Membership
Phone: 904-543-7532
Ashley Small, Membership & Communications Manager

Phone: 543-7534

Real Estate Information & Support
Phone: 543-7534 – Email: membership@theplantationpv.com

PLANTATION HOUSE – 220 Plantation Circle

Brian McGowan, Assistant General Manager
Phone: 904-543-2979

Craig Porter, Execute Chef
Phone: 904-543-2981
Allen Dermody, Food & Beverage Manager
Phone: 904-543-2978
Ashleigh Bristow, Events & Catering Manager
Phone: 904-543-2989
Dave Rausch, Locker Rooms
Phone: 904-207-0046
Alex or Alicia, Receptionists
Phone: 904-543-2999
Turn House Snack Bar – Phone: 904-543-2992
Men’s Locker Room – Phone: 904-543-2984
Women’s Locker Room – Phone: 904-543-2983
The 19th Hole & Take Out – Phone: 904-543-2982
Reservations/Receptionists – Phone: 904-543-2974 or 904-543-2999
Office Fax: 904-543-2968

BEACH HOUSE – 1111 Ponte Vedra Boulevard

Julie Billings, Beach House Manager
Phone: 904-543-7524

GOLF & GROUNDS – 210 Plantation Circle

Nancy Maunder, Director of Golf
Phone: 904-543-2960

Fred Theus, Director of Golf Cours & Grounds Operations
Phone: 904-543-7295
Marty Novak, Assistant Professional
Phone: 904-543-2962
John Grzybek, Assistant Professional
Phone: 904-543-2962

TENNIS – 131 Surrey Lane

Jeff Millaire, Director of Tennis
Phone: 904-543-2977

FITNESS – 220 Plantation House

Jim Turner, Director of Fitness
Phone: 904-718-9957

SECURITY – 101 Plantation Drive

Mike Romeo, Director of Security
Phone: 904-543-7535
Harriet Sasser, Assistant Director of Security
Phone: 904-543-7535

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T (904) 543-2999

F (904) 543-7293

101 Plantation Drive

Ponte Vedra Beach, FL 32082

Copyright: @The Plantation at Ponte Vedra Beach

The following infographic gives a glance at some of the Future Of TV categories and the companies within them–including Video Consumption, Video Creation, Content Management, Content Distribution, and Video Analytics. We are currently tracking over 605 companies in 11 categories across 30 countries, with a total of $13.1 Billion in funding. To see the full list of 605 Future Of TV companies, contact us using the form on www.venturescanner.com.

FutureOfTV Infographic 6-30

Venture Scanner enables corporations to research, identify, and connect with the most innovative technologies and companies. We do this through a unique combination of our data, technology, and expert analysts. If you have any questions, reach out to info@venturescanner.com.

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