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The region takes its name from two musical genres and a unique style of cooking that each have beginnings here. These three “Bs” have not only made this area famous in Kentucky, but across the world!

Two musical pioneers have called the area home; the music they created shaped not only the local experience but has had a profound impact on American culture. Bill Monroe, born in Rosine, is the Father of Bluegrass music, having invented this groundbreaking art form in the 1930s. W.C. Handy, known as the Father of the Blues, wrote that his time spent in Henderson greatly influenced the music he would later write.

The region carries on the legacy of these famous founders today through the International Bluegrass Music Museum in Owensboro and numerous annual Bluegrass and Blues festivals.

The region’s barbecue heritage traces to the 1830s, when churches began holding annual barbecues to build community and raise funds. Local farmers raised sheep, so mutton was the primary meat.

Today, the traditional style of barbecue continues in the region, with an abundance of church festivals and restaurants slow-cooking mutton, chicken and pork for hours at a time over smoky hickory-wood fires.

Come and enjoy the adventures and traditions that await you in the hospitable communities of the “Bluegrass, Blues and Barbecue Region” of Kentucky.

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