dream houses + flowers

☽ nightmedicine ☾

i just found a cicada shell outside and got excited. it was just a little shit of a thing, but a cicada nonetheless. in other words, it’s summer. i can’t wait for them to be sitting in every tree, screaming their desperate, hellacious booty calls at a decibel level that could burst my eardrums, careening drunkly through the humid air with but one noble cause: to get fucked. BUG SEX!!!!!!

i had memorial day off, and then tuesday and wednesday too. 3 days in a row of not working is good and bad. less money, but more fun, which then also causes less money. i have $16 in my bank account even though i just got paid last friday. being poor is neat! although i shouldn’t have taken us out to red lobster when we were on our memorial day adventures, i don’t regret it because fucking crab legs and…

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