10 Emerging Rap Artists to Keep Your Eye on This Year

Ohio Streets

Ohio is undeniably on the rise. The infrastructure in the downtowns look better, the sports are making a comeback, the food is better than ever, and more large events are being hosted here.

It’s an exciting time for many Ohio residents right now. But one thing that many people overlook are the growing creative scenes that are blossoming throughout the state. We thought that we’d take some time to highlight a few of our favorite rap artists who are putting in the work to have a great, successful year. This list isn’t to say that there aren’t more artists to watch for, but these are the ones that we’ve seen grinding during the 1st quarter of the year. These artist aren’t listed in any specific order, they all deserve a listen.

1. Mathaius Young 

mathaius-young--600x600 cover by Brandeauxx

The young rapper and producer Mathaius Young released not one, but two, impressive EPs this…

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