Mascara Maven

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I’m a non-mommy blogger, mommy blogger, This is a lifestyle blog written by a former TV reporter who loves anything and everything beauty, DIY and baking. I’m a pop culture know it all… and a mommy, but I’m not one of “those” moms or mommy bloggers, so don’t expect me to advise you on organic produce inbetween your 2-year-olds breast feeding schedule. It’s just not my style.

I am a happily married mother of two who is also a TV news escapee who has stood in hurricanes, reunited families on live TV, and got paid to tour the Versace mansion in South Beach. Now, I work in public relations and it’s my job to get people on TV. I also love makeup and anything beauty product related, so naturally, I became a Younique presenter. (You have to try the mascara if you haven’t already!) I am a local and national magazine contributor and a Make A Wish Foundation wish granter. I also love to read, bake, pretend I’m Martha Stewart with some DIY arts and crafts around the house, and I continue to force myself to work out and do yoga. I hate it. I’m trying to like it. It hasn’t happened yet, but I will keep you posted. Oh yeah, and David Beckham has touched me. Twice.



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