Downtown Vision Jacksonville Florida 32202

*Visit our CRA Plan webpage to see how you can help our latest advocacy effort.*

Downtown Vision, Inc. (DVI) is dedicated to advocating for Downtown. In addition to addressing the individual needs of property owners and stakeholders, Downtown Vision is involved in the issues that impact the Downtown economy, including maintenance, beautification, parking, transportation, business attraction and retention, events and programming, and other economic development issues.

In 2010, DVI released a white paper, Turning the Corner: Rethinking and Remaking Downtown, which outlines eight tenets which DVI believes are necessary to move Downtown Jacksonville forward.The four key points based on the eight tenets outlined in the paper are to:

  1. Focus on the core and build density
  2. Employ a holistic approach to revitalizing Downtown
  3. Create a compelling Downtown experience that generates pedestrian activity
  4. Place emphasis on projects that leverage private investment, especially in the core of Downtown.

DVI Position Statements

Downtown Vision, Inc. advocates on a number of Downtown issues. Below is a list of our current advocacy positions for Downtown.

2010 Downtown White Paper, Turning the Corner, Rethinking and Remaking DowntownDownload PDF

 Summary of Major Policy Positions | Download PDF

 Convention Center Position Statement | Download PDF

Reuse of Courthouse/City Annex Sites | Download PDF

Food Truck Position and Clarification | Download PDF

Ordinance 2010-901 Regarding Surface Lots and Vacant Parcel Use | Download PDF

Proposed 3-year Mobility Fee Moratorium for Single-Family Development | Download PDF

Contact Us

  • Downtown Vision, Inc
  • 214 N. Hogan St.
  • Suite 120
  • Jacksonville, FL 32202
  • Phone: 904.634.0303
  • Fax: 904.634.8988

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