Savor The Moment

Poetry On A Roll

Let it all melt
when the sand touches your feet.
Let worries flee like a thief into the night.
Let stress plunge to its death.
Let anger drown into the deep blue sea.

The only thing that should matter
is the moment you are living in…
right then and there.
The past is the past.
Let it go!

It does not care
who you are or where you have been,
it will reel you back in,
walking, crawling or running
for another taste of misery.

Free up your mind.
Enjoy every moment.
Live and let live.
This is the way life
should look, feel and be
every single moment
you are so fortunate to receive
the breath of life..

Live in the moment,
uninterrupted and blemished
by mistakes and missed opportunities.
You’re just here for a moment,
that’s all the time you’ve been given.

written by: Kimalee Jones

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