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The internet was created for the sole purpose of creating and sharing cat videos.  That’s it.  The why Al Gore invented the internet.  It’s very strange that Al Gore has been mentioned on my blog 2 days in a row.  Ummm, WTH?  But some other people have figured out some useful things to do with the information superhighway, like e-mail and Facebook and stuff.  You can also get some really good information on the internet, and some not so good information.  I recently deleted my Facebook page because it was making me crazier than I already am.  Seeing other peoples’ lives and obsessing about comments and ‘likes.’  Bah, I’m quite obviously not ready for that yet.  But don’t let social media affect your feelings, it’s not real.  I was starting to let it affect my feelings and that’s why I had to delete it.  If you can handle it, just…

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